February 2, 2023
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Actress Surekha Sikri passed away at the age of 75

Famous actress Surekha Sikri has passed away. She was 75 years old. She died of a heart attack in Mumbai. Surekha Sikri was admitted to hospital last year following a stroke.

Surekha Sikri is an actress who has appeared in Hindi dramas on the silver screen. In 1978, she acted in the film Kisa Kursi Ka. She has won National Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 1988’s Tamas and 1995’s Mammo and 2011’s Badhai Ho. She graduated from the National School of Drama in 1971.

Apart from Hindi, she has acted in movies and television series in Malayalam. She received the Kendra Sangeethanataka Akademi Award in 1989 for her contribution to Hindi drama.

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