July 27, 2021
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Twenty20 and its hidden success

The Pinarayi Vijayan-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) has made history by returning to power for the second time in a row, breaking the alternating pattern of government that has been Kerala’s custom at least since 1977.

But if we keenly observe we can see the public support for Pinarayi Vijayan led LDF party is loosing gradually. If we compare the earlier statistics of public support that LDF had the support has been reduced by 43.8% to 41.3% that is 2.18% public had shown their opposition towards Pinarayi Government. So if we calculate the total percentage of opposition LDF have, it has reached 58.7%.

From here we should look upon the reality of experimented party Twenty20 at Ernakulam. Within a span of 20 days of campaigning the party was able to gain 1,45,664 votes. It was a great leap for the Twenty20 party as they could get 13.4% of the votes. In the district of Ernakulam they were able to take a step forward from the NDA party which is a moment of joy for the entire party as they believe that public have a faith on them. In contrast to other parties vote tally in Ernakulam district at eight zones, each party could only gain 5% and below votes, on the other hand Twenty20 was able to obtain 13.40% votes.

If we compare Twenty20 with other parties we can see other parties have a legacy in the political career, they had enough economical and physical support. But on the other hand if we talk about Twenty20 it was a one man army. Having an experience of 5 years and 20 days of campaigning they were able to mark a milestone in the history.

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