August 3, 2021

Beauty knows no age: Interview with Valentina Mishra


3. What was it like to win the beauty pageant Mrs India Asia international?
It was an honour. While grooming the participants of Miss Queen of India, I was asked “Why didn’t you participate in beauty pageants after marriage?” I was sceptical at first, but then they insisted on trying and motivated me. My family also encouraged me. So, I went for it and won the title. Winning the title was an overwhelming experience.


4. You have trained the participants of beauty pageants like Miss South India, Miss Asia etc. So, how much did your experience as a trainer help you in participating in Mrs India and Mrs Asia?
While training the contestants, I have learned a great deal myself, about the contest and about finding your inner self. I also had help from my circle of near and dear ones. Also, the Pegasus family helped a lot with this process.



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