September 25, 2022

Beauty knows no age: Interview with Valentina Mishra


Valentina Mishra, beauty who proved that age don’t affect elegance and class, brought happiness into the hearts of the people of Vishakapatnam when she won the Mrs India Asia International World 2015, making her the first woman from Vishakapatanam to win that title. She worked as a beauty trainer, contestant groomer and emcee in beauty and modelling industry. Fashion is her passion. Valentina talks about her work and her experiences she had while being part of the beauty pageant.

1. Tell us about your journey in the glamour world.
I was interested in Fashion and modelling industry. It was my dream. I started my career in 1996. I participated in Miss Andhra and my mentor and groomer Kaushik Ghosh helped me with the process of preparation. Mr. Ghosh is a well-known groomer who trained famous beauty queens including Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai. While being trained by Mr Ghosh, I found my passion in that field.
2. You are renowned beauty trainer and emcee. Can you narrate your experiences working in that field?
I did grooming for contestants in beauty pageants and fashion shows. My experiences as a beginner, under the guidance of Mr Kaushik Ghosh helped me in my process. The idea is to form a bond with fellow trainee and to have great rapport. Then, the participants you groom should find their inner self and confidence to face the audience. One cannot be a model forever, especially due to competition and other factors, but I wanted to be part of that industry I was so passionate about. I found passion in training the beautiful women in different contests, programmes and platforms. The experience itself is delightful.





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