December 10, 2023

Bangladesh police foil attempt to smuggle Rohingya women and children to Malaysia

The Bangladesh police have foiled an attempt to smuggle a large group of women and children to Malaysia in the name of employment.

The action has been taken after it received a tip-off from a credible source about the attempt to smuggle women and children from a Rogingya migrant camp located in Bangladesh to an unknown region in Malaysia on the pretext of employment.

Interestingly, the police have not yet arrested those responsible for the smuggling attempt.

There are reports that smuggling gangs are active in the region. As per the reports, most gangs smuggle refugees to Malaysia.

An expert suggests that a task force should be formed with the support of the official forces belong to the countries around the affected region to tackle the threat of human trafficking in the region, like the one which is active in the Europe.

Trafficking gangs often commit human rights violations. The sad reality is that the gangs often cheat people. The trafficked, in most cases, end up in the hands of International criminal gangs.

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