September 26, 2021
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Analysis: South Asia’s Exclusive Nationalism

South Asia is under the clutches of a serious threat. That threat is none other than its affection to the aggressive ideology of exclusive nationalism. Myanmar has fallen under the crushing clutches of that ideology. Numerous Rohigyas have been brutally expelled from Myanmar as a result of that.

Now, Sri Lanka is facing its heat. In the recent past, sever attacks have been conducted against a minority community in the Island country by far-rightist groups. Lately, the groups have attacked a region dominated by the minority community and killed a person belonging to that community.

Other South Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh are not alien to this ideology. In the recent days, its impact has been witnessed in these regions, with the emergence of the far-rightist politics in these regions.

Exclusive nationalism is a hate theory. It disregards all theories of inclusiveness. It is not compatible with the ideas of democracy. It often promotes polarisation.

It is unfortunate that the far-rightist political parties in the region of South Asia see the ideas of exclusive nationalism as an important tool for their growth.

It is high time to put a full stop to the triumph of this ideology in this part of the world, which was once regarded as the symbol of ‘unity in diversity’.

Vignesh. S. G
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