July 3, 2020

Israel defence company misuses flaw in WhatsApp

An Israel based defence company, the NSO group, which is specialised in the development of defence software, has misused a small flaw in the social media platform of WhatsAPP.

The software developed by the Israeli company can break the security walls of the social media platform with easiness.

The company has advised its customers to upgrade their app to ensure that their device is not vulnerable to the malicious software.

The Amnesty International has filed a petition in a Israel court against the company. In the petition, the International NGO has sought the cancellation of the tech company’s license to export its products.

Meanwhile, the company asserts that they will not use their software for any illegal purpose and it will only be used by responsible government agencies for security purpose and for the benefit of the society as a whole.

The petition will be heard by the Israel court in the coming days. The company may find it difficult to defend its position in the court in the issue.

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