June 23, 2024
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Attempted acid attack on actress Payal Ghosh

Actress Payal Ghosh has reportedly been attempted with acid attack. Payal Ghosh says she was attacked by unknown assailants that is what was revealed. The incident took place at 10 pm on Sunday. According to Payal Ghosh, the masked men attacked her with iron rods. She was injured in the attack. Payal Ghosh told  that the attackers were in possession of acid bottles and that there was a conspiracy in the incident.

She had gone out to buy medicine. She was sitting in the driver’s seat when some masked men approached her and tried to attack her. Some were struck on the head with an iron rod. Payal Ghosh said that when they retreated, the iron bar hit them in the hand.

Payal Ghosh, who said she could not sleep at night due to pain, shared her photo of the injured as an Instagram story. Payal Ghosh said she would take legal action in the incident and ensure punishment for the culprits.

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