December 10, 2023
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Tension engulfs Vedaranyam

Tension has engulfed the Tamil Nadu town of Vedaranyam due to the emergence of a violent clash between two caste groups in the region. A statue of the architect of the Indian constitution Dr B R Ambedkar has been demolished in broad daylight in the region during the clash.

It was an accident which sparked the tension. A member of one of the aforesaid caste groups was injured by a car driven by a member of the other caste group. Expressing their anger, the close ones of the injured torched the car. In retaliation, the driver’s close ones attacked those torched the car. It, in no time, transformed into this caste clash.

The police have successfully brought the situation under its complete control. Around 400 police personals have been deployed in the region. The district, as well as the state, administration is closely monitoring the situation.

The police will register cases against those involved in the crime. So far, not many have been arrested in connection with the issue. It seems that at present the full attention of the administration is on reducing tension.

The state should conduct thorough investigation into the incident. It is important to check whether any external elements are involved in the crime.

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