March 3, 2021
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Miss South India 2011- A Statement by South-Indian Beauties

Indian women are truly beautilicious. There’s no doubt about that. Grab a proof of this at the beauty pageants that are soaring high these days in India. Ajith Ravi Pegasus and his wife Jebitha Ajith are two personalities who have vied to give the aspiring talents in India a platform that would change their destiny and give a new definition to their life and dreams.

Ajith and his wife’s joint venture, the Pegasus Event Makers gave birth to the most-drooled over pageants in South India, Miss South India and Miss Queen of India. For those of you who have missed out on their works,Miss South India 2011 here’s a glimpse of their latest adventure, Hairomax Miss South India 2011.

The ninth edition of Miss South India 2011, which attracted the shutterbugs, glam and glitz from all over south India had stirred up the passion of the girls who have always dreamt to be on the platform that the Pegasus had set up for sixteen contestants from south Indian states like Kerala, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Four contestants from each state were chosen to be on the final platform. The sixteen contestants who made it to the finale were Elizabeth Thadikaran,Lakshmi Athira Ajith, Aswini Mathew, Thinkal Bhale, Yamini Chander, Kruthika Ravi, Neha, Abhinaya, Ashna Misra, Kanupriya, Palak Desai, Varsha Reddy, Laxmi Anand, Neha Ramesh, Reema Sequeira and Ranjitha D P.

Some of the best personalities from the fashion and entertainment industries were roped in to pick the best from the lot of equally talented and beautiful girls. The panel of judges counted in Miss World first runner-up Parvathy Omanakuttan, south Indian actor Sreekanth, model and actress Richa Pannai, Miss Queen of India and model Pooja Bhamrah, NRI fashion designer Sajimon Parayil and eminent media personality Toshma Biju. And like the contestants, the judges too had their share of hard-hitting time craning out that one beauty.

The contestants walked the ramp in four rounds flaunting designer sari, casuals, black and linen wear, and evening gown. The black and white linen wears were exclusively designed by NRI fashion designer Sajimon Pallayil of the Bits Indiana fame. Never late to mention, the girls looked drop-dead gorgeous in their ensembles, looks and walks.

After the first round of self-introduction, sixteen contestants boiled down to ten and finally six. But… A tint of muddle was thrown in when actor Sreekanth and other judges intruded the final round to reconsider their judgement in including Abhinaya (of film Nadodigal fame), who is the first contestant in the history of beauty pageants to have participated despite her hearing and speaking disabilities. Her confidence is to be greatly applauded.

Beauty is not the only factor that is judged. The final round had a question thrown on the seven contestants. As the bold and intelligent beauties penned their answers, the judges literally had to gulp down glasses of water to name the winner. And finally, the moment arrived to do the honour.

Lakshmi Anand from Bengaluru was finally named the winner of the most coveted title and crown of Miss South India 2011. She managed to pipe Miss Kerala 2011 Elizabeth Thadikaran to the first runner up title and Yamini Chander from Chennai to the second runner-up title.

The other contestants did not have to walk back home empty handed. Apart from the enormous gifts from various sponsors, few of them managed to be sashed with sub-titles. The sub-title winners were Elizabeth Thadikaran (Miss Beautiful Hair),Miss South India 2011- Winners Varsha Reddy (Miss Congeniality), Reema Sequeira (Miss Beautiful Face), Athira Ajith (Miss Beautiful Smile), Palak Desai (Miss Beautiful Eyes), Abhinaya (Miss Beautiful Skin and Viewer’s Choice), Yamini Chander (Miss Beautiful Catwalk), Ranjitha D P (Miss Photogenic), Aswini Mathew (Miss Talent), Neha Singh (Miss Perfect Ten).

Miss South India 2011 crown winner Lakshmi was honoured with the crown by Miss South India 2010 Shubha. She bagged a cash prize of Rs 1, 00, 000. The first and second runners-up went home with home appliances worth Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively, sponsored by Gopu Nandilath GMart. The gold plated crowns were designed by Mr. and Mrs. Prakashan Parakkat of Parakkat Jewellers.

But did we forget something? The hands behind the success of these beauties? The contests were perfectly and professionally groomed by a line of experts. Fashion choreographer Arun Ratna (Fashion Runway), Fashion choreographer and groomer Sameer Khan (Elite Model Flatt), fashion groomer Valentina Mishra (Valen’s Model Management), health and fitness guru Jaison Paulson (Jaison Fitness First) and Jebitha Ajith, Managing Director, Pegasus Event Makers are these great masters who toiled in every drop of sweat to perfect the contestants in their walks, looks and communication skills. It’s not about dieting when we say grooming. It includes other vital activities like yoga, meditation, catwalk, photo shoot, personality development, interaction, beauty tips, and talent search. Dr. Thomas Nechupadam worked on the smiles of these contestants.

The event did not miss out on its entertainment, glitz and glam. MC Ranjeni Haridas took the crowd for a spin with her skills and wits. Dancers took the crowd on the edge of their seats with their scintillating performances. Singers like Ranjeni Jose and Miss Queen of India 2011 first runner up Aishwarya Muralidharan made everybody tap their feet to their melodious tracks.

Be a loss or a profit, organiser Ajith had already set his mind for charity. He rewarded a cheque to Parveena Hafeez, Managing Director, Sunrise Hospital, to sponsor a free heart surgery for a child. Now that’s the true meaning of ‘beauty with a purpose’.

Hairomax Miss SouthIndia has changed my life and career for good.It has given me a strong identity. Today people recognise me not just as a model but a beauty queen. All thanks to Hairomax and pegasus events. Also heartful thanks to Sameer Khan and Arun Ratna for grooming each one of us to be the beauty queens in our own way.The whole experience  helped me boost my confidence , translate all my weaknesses  into strength and most of all gave me a new family.I feel honoured to be part of this evergrowing family. I want more and more  beautifully  talented girls to come forward and take part in Miss South India and set their feet firm in the glamour industry.



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