May 26, 2024

Sunrise Heart Foundation

Sunrise Heart Foundation- a registered charity- is into its second year of Philanthropic activities. Set up with the noble objective of providing the best available medical care in the area of Cardio- Vascular illnesses to the most underprivileged in society, this organisation has been very active in the last year. Several free medical camps have been conducted to provide the first point of contact with theservices offered by the foundation and this has led to over 350 patients benefiting from its activities. Modern medical care is expensive and paradoxically has failed to reach the most deserving poor patients .The Foundation has recognised this situation and has responded to this by increasing its efforts.

The Foundation through it activities have keptawake oursocial conscience- lest we forget the needs of our children, the infirm and the sick.The mission of the Foundation has been to raise funds to treat these patients – through Individual donations, corporate contributions and Philanthropic Endowments.Sun rise heart foundation People from all walks of life have played their part – the unsung heroes to the prominent people in all walks of life to the Media Stalwarts to the Matinee Idols!  We deeply appreciate these efforts and promise to continue this mission forward.

The Foundation provides its services at Sunrise Hospital Kakkanad, Kochi.

The department of Medical and Interventional Cardiology has state of the art facilities to provide world class care to each and every patient. This department has provided services in the areas of coronary interventions, electrophysiology, endovascular repairs,valvular diseases and heart failiure to the needy and the poor at an affordable price –all this through the support of the Foundation.

The Department of Cardio Thoracic surgery has operating theatresand intensive care facilities capable of delivering surgical services to its patients with very good outcomes.Sun rise heart foundation This department has also received tremendous support from the Foundation and has been able to provide its services to the poor. This department has provided affordable care in the areas of Coronary surgery, Valvular heart surgery, Peripheral vascular surgery  and surgery for Congenital anomalies in children and adults.

The Sunrise Hospital and its division of Cardiovascular Sciences  with the on-going support of the foundation has been able to provide over 250  angioplasties and nearly 100 CABG operations at very greatly reduced cost- keeping alive the original vision  of bringing modern medical care to the common man and woman. The Division also has an active programme of primary disease prevention through public education, promoting lifestyle modifications, disseminating information on healthy diet, regular exercises and the importance of stress management and leisure activities. There is also an active continuing Medical Education Programme for practising Physicians.

The year gone by brought its share of tears to the Division as well- the Vice President and Chief Cardiac surgeon Dr A P Chandrasekharan passed away in tragic circumstances. We deeply mourn his loss and acknowledge his services. He is survived by his wife and two children- May god give them strength in these difficult times.



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