September 26, 2021

Things not to do in The Bedroom

7  Things You Should Never Say Or Do In The Bedroom The marital bed is a very sensitive spot, where you express your ultimate feelings for your husband. But some times it can feel less than special because of your unthinking words and words. Here are 7 things which you should avoid doing while entwined in each other.

1. Talking about another man to your husband in the act.

This is a definite no-no and it will always hurt your husband emotionally.

2. Asking if he’s arrived yet.

This can upset your husband for two main reasons. It immediately gives the impression that you are just waiting for the experience to be over and it’ll deflate his ego. Secondly, for a man much of the intimate act is based around orgasm, and the idea that you don’t even know his intense moment of pleasure can take away from the experience.

3. Excessive Groaning.

There can be few things that bring greater pleasure to your husband than hear you groaning with pleasure, but if you make too much extra noise to try to make him feel good you risk the opposite giving the impression that you are purely putting on a show and possibly removed from the act.

 4. Continuing watching TV or reading a book.Tips for wives

Come on, your husband wants to feel you are shaking his world, not that you would rather be watching your soap opera.

5. Not looking at your husband’s Face.

This is a common mistake of wives. While the husband is intensely observing every bit of passion displayed on his wife’s face, she usually tends to savor these moments with her head turned to one side, or even with eyes closed. Instead, look intensely at your husband’s face and scrutinize every single twitch of pleasure on his face.

6. Pretending your husband is some other specific person.

This is a marriage destroyer. To imagine aloud that the person you are united with is someone else (say, your favourite actor, hero, etc) even if is said just in fun can create a lifelong wound in your husband’s heart.

7. Taking it too seriously

Nearly every situation in bed can be laughed off. Which of us has never tripped or fallen over during lovemaking, but if you take it too seriously it’ll spoil the mood. If you slip, just continue with the act and finish it off laughing together.



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