August 14, 2022

Miss South India 2011 Contestant – Laxmi Anand Profile

Name: Laxmi Anand

Age: 22 Yrs

Height: 5’ 7.5’

Hobbies: Reading


Strength: Self confidence. I believe I’m born different and am here to pave my own path. I believe that i can achieve what i am set to. Having great family and friends who i know, will stand by me no matter what decisions i take, just adds to my confidence.


Weakness: Everybody is born with weakness, and its how to identify them and work towards translating them to your strength makes you or breaks you. I do have my own share of weakness, but before it grows on me,i have identified it and worked towards changing it positively.


  • Walked for Hyderabad fashion week.
  • Zenora Fashion week Dubai and Abudhabi.
  • Acted in a TVC for MK Silks and Nandu Textiles

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