April 13, 2024
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SC criticises West Bengal govt over ‘Aadhaar Petition’


Putting a senior advocate, who has represented the Indian state of West Bengal in the Supreme Court in the sensitive Aadhaar case, and Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee, who has been aggressively campaigning against the central government’s policy of making Aadhaar card or number mandatory for availing the benefits of several important social welfare schemes for last few months, in a defenceless state, the SC have strongly criticised the Bengal Chief Minister for submitting a writ petition on behalf of the state of WB.

The court has termed the move as a wrong practice, citing that only an individual can file such a petition before the court.

Normally, a writ petition is filed before the Supreme Court or the high court by an individual who feels that his rights are violated.

It is clear that neither the state governments nor the central government can file a writ petition before the high courts and Supreme Court saying that their rights are violated.  

The court has advised the lawyer who has appeared before the court on behalf of West Bengal that if the Bengal supremo wants to file such a petition, an individual petition can be filed.

The court has observed that the state have no such right to file a writ petition before the highest court of India.

It is learned that the advocate has agreed to make suggested amendments in his petition.


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