April 16, 2024
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SC ‘Once Again’ asks a disturbing question to those relentlessly pushing Aadhaar forward

The Aadhaar-based social security system is a kind of system, which is aimed to close the leakage happening in the channel that connects social security beneficiaries and the concerned authorities of the central government which releases the amount for the benefit of poor people. In that sense, all those poor people who depend on the […]Continue Reading
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Constitution bench to decide all petitions against ‘Validity of Aadhaar’

In a bid to clear all confusions formed around the central government’s Aadhaar schemes, a five-member constitution bench is set to hear all petitions filed against the government policies related to the Aadhaar including the government’s move to link Aadhaar with the bank accounts and mobile phone numbers and the government’s decision to make Aadhaar […]Continue Reading
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SC criticises West Bengal govt over ‘Aadhaar Petition’

Putting a senior advocate, who has represented the Indian state of West Bengal in the Supreme Court in the sensitive Aadhaar case, and Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee, who has been aggressively campaigning against the central government’s policy of making Aadhaar card or number mandatory for availing the benefits of several important social welfare schemes for […]Continue Reading
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‘Privacy right’ empowers ‘Aadhaar petitioners’ to demand early hearing

The Supreme Court’s nine-member Constitutional Bench’s decision on the Right to Privacy has empowered the petitioners of the Aadhaar case to demand an early adjudication on the validity of the government’s decision to link the Aadhaar card to various welfare schemes directly handled by the central government. As per the government’s proposed plan, those who […]Continue Reading