May 30, 2024

Rightist organisation to teach benefit of cow in a ‘Modern Way’


Technology is an unavoidable element in the modern world. It is used -sometimes misused- in many ways by the new generation. Importantly, each and every minute, technology experts launch several new ways, through which our society can enjoy its benefit to the fullest.

In the recent past, the technology has heavily influenced some social and political developments across the world.

It seems that the right-wing organisations have identified the huge potential of some of the modern technologies such as the Mobile Apps and Social Medias.

Goseva Parivar, the RSS-backed organisation which organises the ‘selfies with Gomata’ contest, has launched a mobile app to receive the entities of this year’s contest.

A national media has reported that a senior RSS leader has appreciated the organisation for utilising the technology in such a brilliant way.

The organisation, which has launched the app and the selfie contest, has claimed that they are trying to spread knowledge on the benefits of cows with the help of the app and contest.

A source, who has a genuine interest in the study of left-wing ideologies, has asked why can’t the, so-called, progressive leftists use the new technological platforms to spread knowledge about the atrocities happening across the country in the name of the ‘Holy’ cow.


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright  


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