September 19, 2019
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Senior Sri Lankan minister strongly criticises Buddhist monk’s controversial statement against Muslims

A senior Sri Lankan minister, Mangala Samaraweera, has strongly criticised an influential Buddhist monk’s controversial, as well as highly provocative and disrespectful, comment against the country’s minority community of Muslims. Quipping the proposal that all true Buddhist must unite against the ‘Talibanisation’, the Finance Minister said that all true Buddhist must Continue Reading

Yesterday, us, Today you, Tomorrow, the new ‘others’: TNA spokesperson about Sri Lanka’s new minority fear

What is mentioned in the headline is an iconic statement made by a Tamil National Alliance leader about the new minority fear of the Sri Lankan majority fundamentalists. The statement demands a serious rational introspection. What is hidden inside the line is the genuine plight of a section of the Sri Lankan population hunted by […]Continue Reading

Sri Lanka bans veils

The Sri Lankan government has banned the use of veils in the country in a manner that prevents the identification of a person. The decision has come few days after a local Islamist terrorist group carried out a series of blasts across the country. As many as 250 people were killed in the blast. More […]Continue Reading