April 18, 2024
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‘It’s heartbreaking to see what my countrymen are going through,’ Jacqueline Fernandez says of the Sri Lankan crisis

Sri Lanka is in the midst of one of its most severe economic crises since independence. The country’s economy is on the verge of collapse.

Due to a severe shortage of foreign currency, the current government has been hampered and unable to pay for essential imports such as fuel, resulting in 13-hour-long power outages.

Sri Lankan ancestors Jacqueline Fernandez, a Bollywood actress, recently used her social media accounts to raise awareness about the situation in her home country. She also made a plea for help.

“As a Srilankan, it is heartbreaking to see what my country and countrymen are going through,” she wrote in her full post. Since the beginning of this, I’ve been inundated with comments from all over the world. I would caution against making snap judgments and vilifying any group based on what is displayed. Another judgement is unnecessary for the world and my people; they require empathy and support.2-minutes of silent prayer for their strength and well-being will bring you closer to them than a rash remark.”

“To my country and countrymen, I sincerely hope that this situation is resolved quickly and peacefully for the benefit of the people.” I’m praying for a lot of strength for those who are dealing with this. “Peace to everyone!” Jacqueline said.

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