April 20, 2024
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Delhi power crisis: Centre rejects all legislative bills

Putting new constrains before the AAP-led Delhi government, the BJP-led centre government has rejected all fourteen legislative bill, including the anti-corruption Lok pal bill, forwarded by Delhi Legislative Assembly for the centre’s accent. As the Delhi government has not yet acquired full-statehood status, it is mandatory that the bills passed by Delhi government must secure the centre’s assent to become law. Meanwhile, the centre government alleges that the Delhi government has not followed proper procedures while passing the bill. The centre added that the union territories need to submit the bills for verification before putting any bill in the house. The Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, through his twitter handle, strongly criticised PM Modi and the centre government for virtually intruding into Delhi’s administrational matters unnecessarily. He furiously commended that the centre has no intension to pass his government’s bills. He asserted that his bills have not infringed any law or procedure prescribed by the constitution. Notably, since Kejriwal took the helm of the Delhi government, the government has not passed at least a single bill though it enjoys a concreate majority in the legislative assembly. Experts say that the offensive approach of Kejriwal and his crew would bring more constraints to the state government. Experts added that the state government cannot blindly omit the guidance and support of the central government. They further added that the duos should work in a cooperative manner to give good service to the citizens.


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