February 25, 2024
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Poverty, illiteracy drive minor into flesh trade


In most circumstances, the poverty and illiteracy act as the prime factors that drive the people into the darkest corner.   There is no doubt in the fact that no minor Dalit girl will fall into the trap of the flesh trade if she is properly educated and is earning reasonable earnings. Why there are many school dropout girls in the families of Dalits and other marginalised communities? Why are we still incapable to bring the marginalised communities such as the Dalit communities to the forefront of the society? A Minor Dalit girl from a poor family has been clandestinely lured into the flesh trade and brutally victimised exploiting her economic condition and illiteracy in Trivandrum, in the Indian state of Kerala. A question resonates in the society would she have to undergo such miserable circumstances had she been given the assistance of proper education and the strength of job or earning. A popular national newspaper reports that nearly five people have been arrested in connection with the issue. The report adds that an investigation is on. The authorities should make sure that such an incident will not happen to any person in the country. The organised crime rackets dealing with the flesh trade should be brought to justice and be given severe punishment.


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