July 13, 2024
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Bomb Hoax in Air India Flight : Naval officer detained

AIAir India’s flight AI 475 carrying 175 passengers enroute to Jaipur from Delhi was delayed over a bomb hoax information at Jodhpur airport. The delay was encountered after a Naval officer created a security scare by claiming he was carrying a bomb onboard. Though the information turned out to be hoax they flight was delayed by 4 hours for security purposes.

The situation triggered when he was denied to deboard at Jodhpur as he had booked all the way till Jaipur. The CISF officials said “ The officer had a tiff with the airline staff when the flight touched down at Jodhpur. He told them he wanted to deboard and threatened he was carrying a bomb when the crew stopped him from disembarking. The passenger has been handed over to local police.”

The naval officer was detained and was questioned over his false allegations.

Azam Sait

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