February 25, 2024
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Gujarat Congress MLA’s to be flown directly to their respective state : Shaktisinh Gohli

hqdefaultThe speculation of congress MLA’s to be flown to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi was cleared by Congress Spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohli. He said they would be flown directly to Gujarat clearing the air in the Media. The MLA’s currently have been lodged at a private resort in Bengaluru following the nasty game played by the BJP to bribe and intimidate its legislator to join high ranks in BJP. The tension fuelled up after six congress MLA’S left the party and joined BJP just a few days before the Rajya Sabha elections scheduled on August 8th.

Ahmed Patel, the congress contestant for Gujarat elections this year has been a prominent political advisor to Sonia Gandhi. Gohli cleared all the speculations of an arid conditions within the congress camp and assured that congress MLA’s were “united” and that they would vote for Patel on August 8th.

Azam Sait

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