June 8, 2023
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BJP Minister calls Arjun Kapoor a ‘frustrated actor’, says he should ‘focus on his acting’ before ‘threatening’ audience

Actor Arjun Kapoor recently claimed that Bollywood has been mute about the boycott movements for far too long. Dr. Narottam Mishra, a cabinet minister for Madhya Pradesh, responded to Arjun’s comments by saying that he should concentrate on acting rather than ‘threaten’ the audience.

A journalist can be heard questioning Mishra about Arjun’s most recent statement in a video that was posted to his Twitter account. Mishra listened to Arjun’s statement and chuckled before answering in Hindi. “If a flop and frustrated actor threatens the audience, I don’t consider it good. Instead of threatening the audience, I think he should focus on his acting,” he said.

Mishra proceeded to ask Kapoor, “I have a question for him, does he or any his well-wishers supporting Tukde Tukde (gang), have the guts to make films on any other religion? Or say any disrespectful words about those religions or show their gods in a bad light? They do this only with us Sanaatanis. And after they threaten us. Wait Arjun ji, the public is very well aware now.”

Arjun has already admitted, “I think we made a mistake by keeping silent for so long,” to Bollywood Hungama. They mistook our civility for a sign of weakness. We firmly believe that everything else is irrelevant and that the work should speak for itself. We tolerated a little too much, he continued. People are accustomed to it now.

Arjun was referring to Bollywood’s dismal box office results over the past few months. Recently, Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan and Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha both struggled at the box office.

Arjun accepted that the only way to change the trajectory of the box office was to make better films. “The last two months have been detrimental to the film industry because a lot of films have not done well. Do I feel it is a narrative created? No. I feel some films have not been good enough. At the same time, the narrative does not help either. People who are creating the narrative get more ammunition when the film is not as good,” he said.

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