June 28, 2022
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Will not be transferred to jail; India sets up camp for Sri Lankan refugees, relocates 15

Sri Lankan Refugees not to be sent to jail for fleeing financial crisis in India. It has been decided to shift the refugees arriving in Rameshwaram to camps. The 15 people who have arrived so far have been brought to the Rameshwaram Mandapam camp in the morning. The footage of refugees being transferred to camps has been recieved.

Earlier, the decision was made to shift the refugees to Puzhal Central Jail. According to officials, 67 camps have been set up along the coast, including in Thoothukudi and Rameshwaram. The Tamil Nadu Q Branch estimates that more than 100 refugees will arrive in India today and tomorrow. Vigilance continues along the Tamil Nadu coast in the wake of the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, which is likely to attract more refugees to India.

The Coast Guard and the Coast Guard of the Tamil Nadu Police have deployed more personnel along the coast. According to the intelligence sources, more refugees are likely to reach Rameshwaram, which is only 40 nautical miles from Sri Lanka.

The Coast Guard is also monitoring ships in the Gulf of Pakistan, with warnings that at least 2,000 people could arrive in the next week. They will also check to see if any of the uninhabited islands near Rameshwaram have already been reached.

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