July 18, 2024
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Young man sets bank on fire for rejecting loan application

Young man sets fire to bank after rejecting loan application. The bank then incurred a loss of about Rs 16 lakh. The incident took place at Hedigonda village in Byadgi taluk of Haveri district in Karnataka. Wasim Akram Mulla, 33, set the bank on fire. He was trying to escape after the fire, but was chased away by locals.

According to bank officials, Wasim’s loan application was rejected due to low CIBIL score. Wasim, who knew he would not get a loan, arrived at around 2 am with a can of petrol, smashed the first floor window of the bank, poured petrol inside and set it on fire.

The bank destroyed computers, scanners, CCTV system, fans, counting machine and documents. The burnt items include bank furniture and a cash counter. After this, the young man was arrested by the locals and handed over to the police. The fire was put out by a fire truck.

At the same time, the locals came to the scene with some other allegations in the incident. It is alleged that bank employees were also involved in the blaze. Locals alleged that the fire was set to destroy some bank documents. Wasim admitted that he had set himself on fire, but the locals did not fully believe it. The locals are demanding a thorough investigation.

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