September 23, 2023
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Monkeys kill two-month-old baby by throwing it into a water tank

A two-month-old baby boy was killed by a group of monkeys in a water tank in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. Keshav Kumar slept with his grandmother in a room next to the terrace at night. The door to the room was not closed. According to the police, the monkeys entered through this. The sleeping grandmother was unaware that the baby had been abducted by monkeys.

Hours later, the baby’s body was found floating in a water tank. Keshav Kumar is the son of Prince and Komal, a couple from Baghpat. They say the monkeys have tried to kidnap the child before. Today, the child was rescued by some relatives. But the Prince Komal couple did not expect the monkeys to attack again. Police also checked CCTV footage of the scene. Police have obtained video footage of monkeys jumping from one terrace to another with a child. Locals are protesting against the local authorities in Baghpat against the increase in monkey harassment in the incident.

In December last year, a massacre of dogs in Maharashtra by monkeys in retaliation for being bitten by a dog made headlines internationally. The incident took place in Majalgaon and Laul villages in Maharashtra’s Beed district. It was estimated at the time that about 250 dogs had been killed. Images and videos of it spread.

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