October 3, 2023
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Delhi offensive pamphlet row: BJP candidate, ex cricketer, Gambhir openly challenges AAP

In the issue of the circulation of an offensive pamphlet against the BJP’s East Delhi candidate Gautam Gambhir’s prime opponent AAP candidate Atishi Marlena, the BJP candidate has openly challenged the AAP that if it could prove that he distributed the pamphlet he would withdraw his candidature and would hang himself in public. Visibly, the BJP candidate has been emotionally disturbed by the allegation raised by the AAP that it was at the behest of the BJP and its East Delhi candidate that the offence pamphlet was circulated against the AAP candidate in the constituency.

The former cricketer has sent defamation notices to the AAP leaders who have levelled the allegation against him.

While it is true that the pamphlet containing offensive statements was circulated in the constituency, it is not clear who exactly circulated the pamphlet.

Many in the BJP camp suspect that the pamphlet was circulated by the AAP itself to create a sympathy factor in favour of the AAP candidate.

It is less likely that the BJP would reduce its prospects in a winning seat with a kind of cheap trick like this.

All credible sources agree that the BJP candidate always has a slight edge over his opponents in the seat, which the BJP won with a good majority last time.

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