August 5, 2021
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Balancing Work & Working Out

Balancing Work & Working outGrowing up with a father who became so caught up in his business, I watched him while he would run around everywhere trying to get everything done to perfection. Sometimes he would not even be home, as he was busy with work because he wanted to always maintain good business, and during the down days he would try to put double the effort. Being a hard worker that he was and still is my father put himself into a high amount of stress more than he could handle, and of course our family doctor told him the obvious, he has high blood pressure and sugar.  Now you’re probably wondering why I am blabbering on about my dear father, well you see the point is that office and work equals to a high amount of stress which many think that they can stand to bear yet in their subconscious state of mind they are probably screaming their heads off. There are numerous workaholics undeniably who can’t help but find it necessary to keep themselves preoccupied with a high volume of work so that they do not get even a moments of rest. All this only will conclude in a trip to the doctor in order to determine that you have high blood pressure or some other health related issues which later on become a headache because then you have to start to learn to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. However it is an obvious factor that this can all be well avoided if in the middle of a busy day if one were to take time out to just go hit the gym or go for a game of say badminton or shuttle. It’s the simplest way to help oneself keep fit.

It isn’ta brainer, but when you’re surrounded by work, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And in order to do that some may think it requires much effort though in the reality of it all it doesn’t. All it takes are slight changes to the things which you do in your everyday life. Starting each and every day with a walk in the park or around the cornerbefore work is a refreshing way to start off your day.  Did you know that working out for 5 consecutive minutes every morning before eating is one good way to burn double the calories during the day? No I am not a doctor but it’s a common sense fact which you can ask a doctor. Instead of having a maid do all the chores at home ladies it might be helpful to learn to do them by yourself though it is understandable that you are a career woman, not every woman in the world has a housemaid in this house doing the daily household chores. Many learn to maintain their house before they go off to work, helping them to keep in practice of basis because the daily chores helps you to keep fit as well if you cannot find time to hit the gym everyday. A good example would be our dear old grandparents. Some of them have fallen ill at an early age but if you take a look most of them are still healthy and kicking even now. Most of them live till they are in their late 90’s or even over because back in the good old days they didn’t have the maids doing things for them. They did everything by themselves, and yes it is a true fact that back then they didn’t have a busy lifestyle as well, but as the world changes we have to learn to keep up with the pace by making ourselves a bit faster at doing everything. So learning to get our daily chores at home and mother’s packing your kids off to school before you go to work is not that difficult it is just a matter of waking up a bit early, as I’ve seen many mothers do before they go off to work to start off their busy day.

Also when you go to work make sure that you carry your gym clothes and shoes with you in your bag, or keep a small gym back on the side just for that to keep in the side of your desk so that you can hit the gym after work. Take the elevator instead of the steps unless you have a tiny little stomach problem or your feeling feverish, but just because this comes as a reason don’t exercising their joints on a constant just consciously make yourself think yourself to be unwell while there is nothing wrong with you. As someone once saidIf a thought is thoughtBalancing Work & Working out 1 more than a hundred times remember it can become the truth eventually.

It’s all about your mentality, you may love being at the office, attending the meetings and go ahead and love it and enjoy it, but remember now and then that your health should matter to you as it does to your family. With my father the one thing which he never used to do and is still learning to do is eating on time. The biggest default which you can create is skip your meals, which leads you to taking a higher portion of food later on in the day to pile up on the lunch which you missed or the most important  meal of the day the breakfast. Or to just satisfy your hunger you may go and just grab a bite at the nearest fast food joint just to say that you have eaten something. Even if it isn’t a fast food joint, but a very nice restaurant, trust me nothing beats home cooked food which keeps you healthy. If it just so happens that you do miss your breakfast, have it pack and grab an apple with you on the run and learn to eat while you’re running if you are that busy of a person. Make sure that whatever it is that you do that you do not miss out on your daily breakfast even if that requires that you get up early.

When you have a business or when you are just work oriented 24/7, means that you need to learn to maintain your stress level. And in order to maintain such high stress levels, you have to learn to eat on time, and balance it with working out. Even if that means you can only work out for 20 minutes a day at least it is fine. You should at least have 20 minutes of workout in and then throughout the day you take the stairs, you walk to the nearest coffee shop instead of taking your car or bike. It is also healthy to keep a cup of green tea or hibiscus tea at hand to sip at while you are in the office since you can drink it hot or cold, it’s good for your health. Remember your working hard now, but later on when your health starts deteriorating, it’ll be hard for you to keep up with the work which you so much love to do. So learn to make the minor changes now, and keep your gym bag nearby always because hitting the gym whether before work or after work will only boost your energy.

Denisha Sahadevan


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