June 7, 2020


The company claims that together with the Government, it will provide security available at a mere 14Rs per day and make our dream of ‘Inexpensive security’ a reality. Not only that it’s cheap but the technology used would be well versed with latest tech-trends, company added. Some of them even include HD video recording, audio recording, dual audio interaction, and culture. We need to understand that having security many more, company further added. This is the high time to embrace a personal security equipment in our vehicles on the road and home or offices is much more important than having a smart phone in our hand. It’s our right and our responsibility to provide a secured environment to our family. Royce Eye asserts that it firmly believes in security being the basic ground for any citizen and it is here to make it readily, inexpensively available for every citizen.

This is going to be a ‘Next Revolution’ which makes a Society Crime Free.

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