August 17, 2022


  In our country, security is the prime concern of the preponderance of citizens, irrespective of class differences but unfortunately we pay little attention to this aspect of our life and we are not much bothered about it. There was a time when spending on personal or home security or even securing your favorite car used to be a matter of luxury but with the changing times this is no more considered luxury but has become an unavoidable necessity these days. We tend to ignore it thinking that the expensive private-security is going to pinch common man’s pocket really hard. We want to introduce a security giant who has been working diligently in the field of providing impeccable security to both your house and family and to your favourite car. The company is dedicating its services to upgrade the security measures of the individuals and provide a chillaxing environment to their families.

It’s the Royace Eye, established as a global brand with adequate excellence and experience in Vehicular Security and Home Security Solutions, willing to spread its wings far and wide and give international experience to its clients. It is a public limited company that has excelled in the craft of home security, vehicular security and cloud based security solutions. Jaskaran Deep Singh is the Chief Executive Officer of Royace Eye Industries (India) Limited. He is a high profile Business Development Strategist with nearly 9 years of experience in the Financial, Banking and Automobile Sector. He has proved his excellence in sales, marketing, human resource management and negotiation skills. In recognition of his achievements in management innovation, Jaskaran Deep has received many awards from the international management community including the prestigious Inspired Leadership Award.



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