July 9, 2020


The car security cameras and dash cameras are mandatory things in many developed countries. If our government also makes it mandatory in the country, then driving in India will become very smooth. Dash cameras will come handy in keeping a check on the rash driving as also the accidents that happen due to rash driving. It will also help the police officials to accurately track who’s on the guilty side of the law and the cameras will aid in recording the details of an accident that can serve as a proof to expedite the inquiry or make the judicial system much more strong and faster. Moreover, it can work as a miracle to ease out the pain of tolerating choc-a-block traffic jams and keeping tab over the situation of people slamming fake insurance claims. As far as home security is concerned, company believes that security is everyone’s birth right and should be provided to them under any circumstances. The installation of a proper security system cuts down on all the possibilities of the potential threats like theft, burglary and many such unavoidable incidents. But, all this comes at a price that deters individuals to take a step in the direction, therefore the company has come up with a noble idea of providing personal security to individuals at a subsidised rate. The company is already in talks with the state government and has proposed them a grand plan for the same. This initiative will benefit the masses and once executed, personal security would no more be considered a luxury hereafter. The efforts by the company, the Royce Eye needs to be applauded and appreciated. The efforts by the company, the Royce Eye needs to be applauded and appreciated. At present, the company is working with a vision of upholding people’s security using International technology and offering the latest gadgets available elsewhere.


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