September 24, 2020
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Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji: The intellectual with a divine mission

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji Unique Times

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji is a successful businessman who has taken leaps and bounds in various facets of business such as telecommunication, IT, network, security, software and business process management, trading, interior design and architecture, healthcare, oil, gas, energy, education, defence, critical service providers and aviation.

This legendary business has been researching and investing in technology for human transformation what is called TechKnowProcess .

As he believes that the time has come for an epochal intervention in changing the paradigm of the world for good, Dr. Shafi speaks about his latest offering to the world: Banafsology and Sustainable Econometrics Processes (SEP).
Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji Unique Times
What is Banfsology?


Banafsology is a process that I have revived after taking up deep research for the last 3 decades whose goal is to revive the process required for human development. In the year 1498, this country, especially Malabar, held with itself the secret of human progress. This disappeared when Portuguese came to our shores in the aforesaid year. The prosperity factor was not just because of trade but due to various other nuances which the world today is unaware of.
Banafsology, is something which I have revived after receiving some of the secrets from my father who went to the Gulf in 1952 and laid the foundation for TCN International Commerce.

What is the aim of Banafsology?


It is the path and the parameter revived by us to create economy, employment, engagement, engineering and effectivity. It uses the process which we call as Miacro Points of Econometrics. As an advances computer engineer who has been leading the transformation of both telecom and computer technology, through intense research by employing analyst we have developed this process.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji

What is Miacro Points Econometrics?


The world always gets attached to binaries. There is micro and macro. We have found by investing time, money and effort in this subject, there are many more dimensions. We call this dimension as Miacro Points Econometrics. This holds the key to future. It can eradicate world hunger for good. Our forefathers had this amazing Human Cultural TechKnowProcess HCT . This is pioneered by India. So I also call it Hindustan Cultural TechKnowProcess . Through these processes, human potential, direction and result can be optimised.
I wouldn’t want to explain how we do it as it is complicate. But, in the last thirty years, every subsidiary company that we have created, 50 % of the time of each of the people are invested in this process. This is also the secret of prosperity and growth of our company into various fields.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji Unique Times


Can you still scalp the surface of this and give us an idea?


Human behaviour is coded in DNA and at the same time it is also created with exposure to various fields. I call this by the term Psoloud. Psoloud is effected by genetics as well as the nature of our first breath. There are 28 types of winds in the world. These winds can change people and their mannerisms. The philosophy of acquiring knowledge is called i8netics epistemology. Now, these factors make up the individual. So, as a family business chairman who has employed over 2000 people, it is important for me to understand each human potential. By understanding I can tap the potential and direct in best contribution to the productivity of the company.


In an age where computers are taking over humans, you think it is important?


Handling computers are easy. Computer has an architecture protocol. Human thought process is all based on million reasons. It varies. This is why, if the technic behind operationalising maximum human potential is unveiled, it can transform the world. This can only be done with the readiness of the person. That’s the only setback. Our research has found that psoloud exist for four years and its transition happened every four years. By 16 years, it gets cognised into full.

It sounds complicated.
It does. But there is no easier way to say this. A knowledge base takes minimum 32 years to even get acceptance, according to our findings. It can go in its multiples only of up to 128 years. I found quantum process between 1998 and 2003. Yet it took me to create formulas five more years to give it structure.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji

You also spoke on teleology as a basis of your research. Could you explain?

Teleology or finality is a reason or explanation for something as a function of its end, purpose, or goal and integrated onject. For instance, Aristotle claimed that an acorn’s intrinsic telos is to become a fully grown oak tree, the doctrine of design and purpose in the material world. If teleology is identified, harnessing human potential for good is possible.
Not just teleology, a person potential is also connected with his connection to topics such as anthropology, deontology—science of morals and manners among others. I have used 28 such logics to cognise the principle of miacro econometrics. I can share this: Teleology movement on earth is the ultimate power which is controlling the organic system and organised system. Yet, we have developed scales to map every individual possibility.

How exactly your technology works?


Throughout the person’s life, the kind of knowledge and information the person is reading, processing and digesting decides the categorisation of the person.
I have classified all these people into various categories and by understanding the person, the type of job that can be provided to the person can be decided. This in turn will improve efficiency. Similarly, a group pattern can be determined. Basically, the research that we have done for the last 30 years will help create prosperity by understanding individual needs and aspiration.

How much a human being is connected to these logics can be derived through our processes. For they may be connected to 4 logic while some may be 8. Based on their connectivity, work and tasks can be assigned.
And these are not merely theories. In all my company, these parameters are being used. This application can create a strong human foundation which has a vision. Positive Policy Planning Pillars is what I call this (4P).

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji Unique Times

How do you plan to use it in Kerala?


We are setting up a state of the art tech park based in Kannur called TechKnowProcess (TKP) AIT . This campus will be futuristic. As we foresee it, quantum scientists from around the world will come and work here, and create great research findings that can bring growth. Our goal of this park which will also come up in Thiruvananthapuram is it will bring Economy, Employement, Engagement and Effective Engineering , through Banafsology Econometrics;

a) SRC Smart Rural Centres

b) SRC Sustainability Resources Care

c) TSS Tourism Support Services park

d) SRC TCZ 21C Citty Project

e) MSAT TSS adbc Park with 5 Star Hotel, Tourist Commercial Networks

f) ODC One Day Care for tourists, denizen and citizens

g) Knowledge Resort R4MP

h) IOT_21C_TCN = IXGT Internet Of Things to 21C Transformation Community Needs

i) Phonology Lab Pxi8 DVI ixi8

We are creating an academy of research and quantum process in Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram and in Wayanad. This will help create humans that can come up with positive ideas and create a sustainable ecology. This will be state of the innovation lab which will teach on IoT, AI and RPA Robotics Process and DSM8 Data Science Magnatizing with Demand & Supply Matrix , beside observation on TMP TeleMegnatizingProtocol . The innovations lab in Kerala will feed the implementation lab in Hyderabad and outside India such GCC, Malaysia ,CIS, Africa , Bangladesh. We have agreed about some 100+ acres in different places. This will be a quantum process park. People from around the world will come to Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram to join the research. Miacro Points econometrics through the quantum process it can bring possibility of a connection between quantum physics, organizations, individuals and the enneagram, and began to explore how the application and implementation of the enneagram in organizations might change.
Internet of Things, Internet of Every Thing, IXGT and quantum process will be the main focus in these parks. Different firms have been created. There are different business units that come up with innovations on energy, technology, production of goods as well as various other trades. There are centres that will focus to create Smart Rural Centre and SUSTAINABILITY RESOURCE CARE. Similar parks will also come up in GCC, Canada, Bangaladesh and the UK.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji

Do you think this is practical?

See, for centuries man has been studying algebra, equations and other theories, yet people kept asking what is the practical need of such things.
Aren’t these basic formulas of mathematics backbone of greatest architecture and even computers? Similarly, Miacro Points econometrics is the big contribution of this millennium. It is going to transform humans.

Will it transform all humans?


We are tracking human movement and its nature. We create analyst to track demand and supply. Thus, this analysis can bring prosperity when transferred to people.

Can’t this be done through AI?


This can also be transferred to a computer. But a tri-logic system only ensures sustainability and computer is based on monologic.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji

Why is this human culturing important?


The states of mind of employees of organisations are very important. Usually, an employee is engaged, disengaged or actively disengaged. The sad truth is that about 25 % of the employees are actually engaged with the vision of the company. Our techno programs are designed to encourage employees to be engaged.

Dr. Mohamed Shafi Abdulla Haji Unique Times



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