December 6, 2023
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Commentary: Delhi not referendum on CAA

It is not proper to project the recently concluded Delhi Assembly Election, in which the AAP has marked an astounding victory, as the referendum on the Citizenship Amendment Act.

That act may make the actual point that deserves attention less relevant. It is not good for the future of the, so called, centrist camp, which wishes to oust the centre-right camp from the seat of power.

What the AAP proves with its victory in the Delhi election is that the only strategy that can take on the fundamentalist rhetoric used by the BJP is the strategy concentrated on the point of administrative performance.

It is hoped that the victory gained by the BJP in the election with the support of its performance strategy may encourage the non-BJP governments in the country to concentrate more on their administrative performance.

It does not mean that all non-BJP governments should venture into the path of welfare politics. What it means is simple: if a government performs well and saves itself from falling into the pit of fundamentalist politics created by the BJP, it does not have to worry the fundamentalist rhetoric of the BJP any longer.

For the anti-BJP faction, a ray of hope has emerged in Delhi.

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