April 13, 2024
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Wipro Boss Gets “Hate Mail” As 300 Fired For “Moonlighting”. Here’s What Triggered It

This week, as the soap-to-tech company group revealed it had fired 300 employees for “moonlighting,” Wipro boss Rishad Premji emphasised the distinction between playing in a band on the weekends and working covertly for competitors. Other software giants have added their voices to the chorus and described moonlighting as “an unethical behaviour,” including IBM, which has a significant presence in India, and the domestic Infosys.

Mr. Premji called it “cheating, plain and simple,” and he stated that the negative feedback he has been receiving about his tweet has not stopped him. In its most recent announcement, the business maintained its tough tone: “Certain workers discovered to be functioning in situations that are directly at odds with Wipro’s interests have been terminated.”

A group of IT workers from various businesses is currently getting ready to fight back. Wipro’s action, according to a group of workers known as the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), is immoral. Clauses in offer letters and employment contracts should be subject to legal review, according to NITES director Harpreet Singh Saluja.

“The information that Wipro fired almost 300 employees for moonlighting is upsetting. Arbitrarily terminating employees is wrong and against the law, and NITES would do everything in its power to give injured workers justice “As Mr. Saluja stated.

At least one IT major is okay with moonlighting, albeit only in theory at this point. At a gathering last month, CP Gurnani from Tech Mahindra stated: “I have no issues if someone wants to earn some extra money while adhering to the productivity and efficiency standards. It should be a rule, in my opinion. So, if you decide to do it, good for you! Just be honest about it.”

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