February 26, 2024

She trends through digital marketing

Most of our history has celebrated his-story, while her stories remained less talked about. However, we could no more stay blinded to women’s capabilities in all spheres of life, when each day we encounter sheroes who with their grit, passion and purpose have been weaving stories of success and inspiration.

This month we are featuring three women entrepreneur stories every week titled #HerStoryAndItsHerTime  here comes the second in the series:











How easy was it for you to be a business entrepreneur?

It is really not easy to be an entrepreneur. Of course, I’m my own boss, but waking up early every morning and show up every day for long hours of planning, executing and delivering value for my clients can be as much of a challenge as it is exciting. It takes in a lot of energy to achieve targeted goals in this hyper-competitive marketplace. I am grateful to my mentors and associates as they make it hassle-free and harmonious. 

I choose to be an entrepreneur not because it is an impressive status. I believe a woman can go beyond than what one actually imagine. It is novel to launch a career as an entrepreneur but, building it into a successful business makes it exceptionally fulfilling.

Why do you love to be virtually connected?

I’m from a small town in South Tamilnadu, where youngsters are not much aware of Digital Marketing. Very few take time to explore the wonders of Digital Marketing, all though that’s where the future of businesses lie. I prefer to virtually connect with talent pools who specialize in one particular area of Digital Marketing. This way I am able to manage without directly getting anyone on payrolls as well as support freelancers.

Digital Marketing is a very common business these days, so what makes Blurb Budgie distinctive?

Like I said earlier, I just followed my passion and something really worked out for my time. I and my team love what we do, we just don’t offer our service based on the record reports. Our incredible execution of strategic methods has supported our clients to grow their business and stay visible on the market. We strive to deliver true value to the client with our positive results.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I truly believe in the quote “work hard in silence and let your success make the noise”.  I work silently and I believe my success will make the “sound” one day.

The one thing you always wanted to have during your business meet?

Ensure each other’s commitment and making it happen.

Future plans?

To cater people with results-oriented strategies of Digital marketing. Work for better ROI and earn people’s trust with a brand reputation in a cost-effective way. I have also started an online platform named WOWoman – to bring inspiring stories of Women across India who are writing their own destiny. Because every woman have their own unique story worth listening.



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