July 15, 2024
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International Women’s Day: Telangana Declares Special Casual Leave For Women Employees On March 8

To honour International Women’s Day, which will be observed on March 8, the Telangana government has granted a special casual leave for female employees. On Monday, the General Administration (services welfare) department issued a directive to this effect. The directive, which was signed by the Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari, instructed everyone involved to proceed as Continue Reading
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Sabarimala: Devotees block entry of women aged between 10 and 50 into temple

A day after the members of a Tamil Nadu based organisation was prevented by the Ayyappa devotees from their attempt to enter the famous hill temple of South India Sabarimala, two other women have attempted to succeed in what their predecessors failed to accomplish. Both have been blocked by the devotees, before they have reached […]Continue Reading

The confidence she wore

Even though we have started acknowledging women’s capabilities in all spheres of life, we still live in a man’s world where women have to fight more battles to stand in par with her male counterparts. The most incredible thing about women is her ability to grow with the challenges thrown at her. She is like […]Continue Reading