March 1, 2024

When photography spoke for Monica Justin

The status of women in India has always elicited serious discussions and debates, whether it’s in a social, economic, political or cultural context. There are some women though, who chose to walk on, unruffled, unperturbed not wanting to add or take away from the debate. They have quietly walked their path, carving out their own paths. 

#HerstoryAndIts HerTime is about featuring women entrepreneur stories or anything that’s followed by her passion. Here comes the first in the series:


Talk to us about your journey as a photographer and what inspired you to take up the camera, especially your interest in food and toddler shots?

As most of the Malayali folks these days,  I am also an Engineering graduate, who turned into finding my passion in a parallel profession. During my times when I stepped into photography, I wanted to explore the areas which were not mainstream at the time, yet did many weddings and events to upgrade my gear. Photography was an escapism for me at the beginning which turned into a hobby and later a passion. Capturing babies happened by chance. My food blogging Monicascookinglab on social media helped me to experiment to cook different cuisine also expertise my skills in food photography. It is all these situations helped me to develop my skills in photography and started to take it has my profession.

How is it to be a female photographer, in India?

I have never experienced discrimination just because I am a woman. It has always been my work which spoke for me. People usually believe, there are few things only men are good at, as we see them mostly doing it. We need to change that “default setting” from our minds. And I am happy I could be one of them. My work environment is usually families, which has never been that challenging, they usually treat me as part of their family. Most of my clients have remained friends, yet some brows have been raised questioning if I can do it since I work alone most of the time.

Who is your strong woman role model?

Ellen Degeneres    

So what’s that mantra you use, to capture infants perfect moment?

Patience,  a lot of patience. It’s not at all easy to work around with little humans, we have to adapt into their activities to get the perfect realistic picture moments, it may last only a few seconds but can be treasured for a lifetime.


FC: Monica Justin

Any moment where you just can’t resist yourself to taste the cuisine before shoots? If yes please share the photograph and why?

Only if I’m super hungry !!! but I have never done it though.

What career advice would you give to budding young women photographers?

Have a lot of patience and go for it, give it a try if you really have that gut feeling that you can do it and nothing could stop that force.







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