July 12, 2024
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Three north-eastern states becomes hotspot of HIV, HFW minister informs parliament


While responding to a question asked in the parliament, the Health and Family Welfare minister has informed the lawmaking house that at least three north-eastern states have become the hotspot of HIV/AIDS.

It is learned that the uncontrollable or unchecked use of ‘injectable’ drugs and the unsafe practice of sexual acts are the two important elements that has contributed to the rise of the HIV/AIDS in those north-eastern states which has been identified by the ministry as the hotspot of virus and disease.

Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura are those three states which have been mentioned as the hotspot of the virus or disease by the ministry.

Experts say that it is high time for the government authorities to articulate feasible policies to tackle the rise in the disease or virus rate in the aforesaid states.

Meanwhile, the ministry has also publicised a good news, along with the bad one. As per its report, the total number of newly affected HIV/AIDS patients has been steady decreasing for last few years. The achievement is considered as a natural outcome of the powerful policies that the Indian administrators have taken in the recent history to contain the disease and virus outbreak.

What are the immediate policies that the affected NE states should take to contain the spread of disease or virus?  



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