February 29, 2024
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Eldest women can hold managerial position in the Hindu family: orders Delhi HC

In a remarkable verdict highlighting the need for gender-equality in the Hindu society, the Delhi High Court last day ordered that an eldest female of the family can hold the position of ‘Karta’ or ‘managership’. The position was traditionally vested in eldest male-member of the Hindu family due to the prominent patriarchal structure of the modern […]Continue Reading
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Shani temple row: Women’s organisations demand gender-equality

Various women’s organisations, including some Muslim women’s organisations, offered support to the women groups who are participating in Shani-temple-entry protest in Maharashtra. The organisations demand that the temple authorities should amend the narrow minded rules, which is established by the old patriarchal society. They urged the administrative committee to Continue Reading
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Drastic changes in Life inside Mosul after a year of IS reign

Exclusive footage has been received which shows the people’s day-to-day life since the Islamic State has captured Iraq’s second city Mosul. These videos show isolated schools, women being forced to cover up their bodies and blowing up of mosques. The residents over there reported that they were living in fear of punishment. They had also described the Islamic State […]Continue Reading

Women Commits Suicide

A 30-year-old woman set herself on fire on Wednesday in West Bengal’s Malda district after a kangaroo court ordered her alleged rapist to apologise instead of punishing him. The woman died yesterday. She was allegedly raped by a 22-year-old neighbour at her home on Tuesday while her husband was away. Village elders allegedly prevented her […]Continue Reading