November 28, 2022

Excess intake of lemon juice reduces calcium level


Lemon is a healthy drink. It is the rich source of Vitamin C. Apart from this highly beneficial vitamin, there are several other valuable nutrients in this citrus fruit.

Many people have the habit of drinking hot lemon juice regularly in empty stomach in morning. There are trustable assumptions that the aforementioned habit helps to improve digestion, maintain hydration level, regulate blood pressure and strengthen heart health.

But, a new study says that there are some side-effects for this highly nutritious fruit. As per the study, the excess intake of lemon juice leads to the reduction of calcium content in body. There are some concrete proofs to believe that the excess intake of lemon juice leads to tooth decay.

Those who include this citrus fruit in their daily diet must make sure that they do not exceed the healthy limit of daily lemon intake.

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