May 20, 2024
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Will India accept the UAE’s aid for Kerala?


Kerala was seriously affected by a serious flood and several other rainfall-related issues. Hundreds of innocent lives lost. Lakhs and lakhs of people were shifted to relief camps. What the state suffered was an unprecedented natural disaster.

Now, the state government of Kerala has ventured into a herculean task of bringing happiness back into the lives of all flood affected people. The state government has been offered a sum of six hundred crore Indian rupees as an aid by the central government, after the two prime representatives of the government –the Prime Minister and Central Home Affairs Minister – personally visited the flood affected regions.

Naturally, the state might have felt it difficult to tackle the situation with the limited resources it has. It has opened all its windows for the help. Several state governments, NGOs, corporate houses and, even, common people have supported the state with the support it requires at the moment.

Unexpectedly, the state has also received a powerful helping hand. It has been from the Middle East. The UAE, where a considerable number of Keralites work, has offered a huge sum of seven hundred crore Indian rupees as a flood relief aid –at least, one hundred crore Indian rupees more than the amount the central government earmarked to the state as a immediate flood aid.

Earlier, the former UPA government rejected the support it was offered by the USA for the Tsunami relief activities, citing that the country was capable to deal with the situation.

Is the same reason is applicable here?

There is clarity in one thing the Kerala is badly affected by the rainfall-related disasters so it needs money –a lot of money.


Vignesh. S. G

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