July 12, 2024
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Wheat prices rise in world; The nations of the world say that India is the cause

Is the world heading for a wheat famine? The developed countries of the world themselves raise this suspicion. Concerns have been raised over the ban on wheat exports announced by India yesterday.

Wheat is the most widely grown grain in the world. World wheat prices soar by 40 percent after Ukraine war. This was followed by a ban on exports by India, the world’s second largest wheat producer. With this, prices in the global market are going up again.

India has suspended wheat exports as the heat wave has adversely affected the country’s wheat production and pushed up foodgrain prices in the country. In most parts of the world, the impact of the ban on foodgrains prices has been felt rapidly in world markets. With the announcement of India, the price of wheat in the US market has gone up by five per cent.

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