September 27, 2020
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Visakhapatnam administration receives criticism over ‘wrong poster’

The district administration of Visakhapatnam has received serious criticism over a poster featuring sports star Sania Mirsa. In the poster, the sport star is wrongly named as Olympian P T Usha. The poster has been developed by the sports department of the district administration. It has been prepared as a part of the arrangements for a walkathon.

The poster has gone viral in the social media platforms. Many have used the platform to criticise the administration in strong words.

The district administration has not responded to the criticism that their sports department has received due to their carelessness.

What makes this indigestible is that those committed this mistake is those who are closely connected to sports.

Definitely, those, committed this serious error, and brought serious embarrassment to the whole administration, is not fit to be in the chars where they are.

Sania Mirsa and P T Usha are very popular sports figures. Even a fifth standard student can easily recognise them by their face.

That means that those committed the mistake does not even have the minimum knowledge of an average fifth grade student.

Silence is not an answer. The administration cannot remain in that mode for long. It should leave that mode and speak out what has really gone wrong. It should take strong action against erring officials.

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