August 14, 2022
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Karnataka CM offers ‘bagina’ to KRS reservoir

Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa has offered ‘bagina’, the traditional custom of thanking the rain goddess for filling rivers with adequate water, to the Krishna Raja Sagar reservoir, which has reached its full capacity recently.

The CM, while speaking to a gathering assembled to witness the event, has assured that he would elevate the reservoir to International standard.

Bagina is a traditional custom popular in the Indian state of Karnataka. A bagina offering includes a silk blouse, a saree, bangles, rice, variety of grains, coconuts, jaggery, turmeric, ‘kum-kum’ and incense sticks. Most of those offered are made in the state itself.

Karnataka has many such beautiful customs. It is interesting to see the enthusiasm the elected government of the state shows to respect the state’s customs.

The rest of the country, especially the neighbours of the state, should learn from Karnataka how they respect their customs and traditions.

Actually, the soul of a land is its customs and traditions. It is what that makes it different from the others. It is what that helps it to survive. Once it is lost, everything else is of no use –just soulless.

Each and every society should put serious effort to protect its customs and traditions.

There is also a negative side in it. The call for the protection of customs and traditions should not be mistaken as the call for the protection of those which harm the human life. True customs and traditions do not harm anyone. It only enriches us.

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