October 3, 2022
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Violence b/w tribes jolts PNG

Severe violence has broken out between rival tribes in the Asian Island of Papua New Guinea. As many as 24 people including women and children have been murdered during the violence.

The Papua New Guinea government has vowed to take strong action against the perpetrators of the brutal act.

Shockingly, even pregnant women have not been left unharmed by the perpetrators of the violence.

As per a report, the latest violence is a retaliatory act. According to the report, attacks and counter-attacks have been happening continuously in the region for last few days.

An expert says that the death toll may not be the number confirmed by the government authorities. He adds that the number may be much higher than that.

As per an unconfirmed report, the violence has broken out in the name of a gold reserve. Each tribe has tried to eliminate the other to gain its control over the reserve, according to that report.

The place where the violence has actually broken out is an area close to the area where a US controlled oil refinery exists.

Tribal violence is not uncommon in the PNG. The country has lost several lives due to this kind of violence in the near past.

The authorities should articulate a strong policy to contain the recurrence of this kind of incidence in the future.

If the issue is not properly addressed, it will adversely affect the emerging economic sector of tourism in the Island badly.

PNG is a very poor country. A large number of the population in the country are living under poverty.

The new generation sees the emerging sector of tourism as the country’s new lifeline. What this kind of incident ruins is the hopes and expectations of this generation, who does not want to see violence in the country.

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