June 7, 2023
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Karnataka Crisis: Section 144 imposed near the hotel where resigned MLAs staying

The Maharashtra government has imposed the Criminal Procedure Code of Section 144 near the hotel where the resigned MLAs from Karnataka have been accommodated.

Nearly twelve rebel MLAs (around seven from the Congress, at least three from the JD(S), and two independents) are in the hotel located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, as per a report.

Interestingly, the section has been imposed shortly after the release of the report that a senior Congress leader reached Mumbai to get in touch with the resigned MLAs, who now stays close the BJP (the party which rules the Indian state of Maharashtra as well as the country.

In a separate development, the Karnataka BJP leaders have decided to meet the state governor to inform him about the current situation in the state.

It is assumed that the BJP now has enough support in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly to form their government in the state.

The Karnataka speaker recently declined to accept nearly eight of the twelve resignations presented before him by the resigned MLAs.

Experts see this action as an attempt to help the ruling to win some more time to convince the resigned MLAs to relook their decision.

What the Karnataka BJP tries to overcome with their latest move is the state ruling’s delay tactics.

There are reports that those whose resignations were not accepted by the speaker have approached the top court to win an order in their favour.

From the developments, it is crystal clear that the BJP is trying each and every mean possible to come back in the seat of power of the crucial South Indian state of Karnataka.

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