August 3, 2021

Unforgettable destination in Eastern Europe: Croatia

There are nearly ten national parties in the county. Croatians pay extreme conscious to protect their natural beauty. Plitvice lakes national park is said to be the most-attractive park. There is around 16 lakes flowing through the park and it makes the land even more beautiful. The rare birds, wolves and resident bears contribute to the beauty of land extensively. There are at least one hundred and twenty rare species of birds in the park.

It is difficult to conclude without mentioning about the food. Croats usually follow a slow diet. They give extreme importance to each and every dish. Interestingly, they are keen to serve you a suitable wine for each course. The slow food procedure helps you to enjoy the food completely. Undisputedly, the wine makes each course tastier.

No person can define this gem completely. But, the memories about this land are worthy enough to reside in your deeper heart as an unforgettable destination. Do visit this dream land at least once.

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