August 20, 2022

Unforgettable destination in Eastern Europe: Croatia

Once we step into this beautiful country, we will redraw the graph of happiness, peace and beauty and will wipe out the upper limit. This Eastern European country is all about fabulous music, fantastic festivals, freaky foods and costliness. Here, you can explore luxury, natural beauty, attractive islands, fishing villages, ruins of medieval architecture and parties and festivals.

The best part is that the well-maintained beach-side roads will encourage you to borrow a car and try an adventurous road trip. The country gives adequate prominence to tourism sector because it is an inevitable part of their economy. So, the safety and security are successfully ensured to an extent.

Nearly four million people are currently residing in the country and majority of them are Croats. It is one of the least populated countries in European continent. The tourist season of the county begins from June, ends on August. Moreover, it is the time of festivals and beachside music-parties. Interestingly, the country experiences a Mediterranean climate along with a small bit of Continental weather.



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