August 3, 2021

Unforgettable destination in Eastern Europe: Croatia

This former socialist country had gained independence in 1991. Currently, it is a Republican county. The county has demonstrated an abrupt growth in terms of economy and stability. Now, though it is classified as a developing country, its economy has marked a powerful growth and maintained consistency.

Anyway, Croatia is, now, a member of European Union, NATO, UN, and Mediterranean union. It has materialised enormous development plans, particularly infrastructural development, for developing the tourist sector.

The presence of Adriatic Sea makes the country more-attractive than any other European countries. There would not be any European who has not dreamed about a sunbath in the Adriatic coast.

Dubrovnik is the major cost city of the country. It is a luxury destination. You will found high-profile hotels, restaurants and clubs here. Though it is a rapidly developing city, it has purposefully maintained 16th century buildings and Renaissance buildings.



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