July 25, 2021
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Touching elephant:Complaint been filed against Yathish Chandra at Aanayoottu ceremony

A complaint has been filed against Thrissur city police commissioner Yathish Chandra by the Heritage Animal Task Force for violating the rules by touching an elephant during the Aanayoottu ceremony held at Vadakkumnathan temple.

Yathish Chandra carried his son on his shoulders and touche the elephant during the Aanayoottu ceremony. The pictures of father and son have gone viral in social media.

V K Venkitachalam, the secretary of Heritage Animal Task Force filed a complaint against Yathish Chandra with Governor and Chief Wildlife warden for violating the rules. The photographs were also submitted as an evidence against Yathish Chandra and his son.

As per the circular issued by the state forest and wildlife department on March 20, 2013, it is compulsory that the public should keep a safe distance that is three metres away from the elephant. It also says that nobody except the mahouts are allowed to touch the elephants. The complaint has been filed against Yathish Chandra and his son for violating the rules in the circular.

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